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I'm a fifth-year Title 1 teacher for 1st graders, with a class of 26 students passionate about learning. They aspire to be professionals in various fields. I aim to equip them with necessary tools for growth, despite challenges like insufficient school supplies. Annually, I spend $100-$150 on basic materials. My goal is to avoid burdening families financially. With the transition to distance learning, I've pursued additional professional development to meet diverse student needs. I require new resources for enhancing reading, writing, math, and social/emotional skills, including books and educational apps. Many of my students' families face financial hardships, but I strive to support them. This year, I'm investing in teaching aids to improve lesson engagement and effectiveness. I'm seeking support from various communities to achieve this. Thank you!

Our Story

Kind Vine emerged from a meaningful conversation between Kenny, a wine lover, and Brittany, a teacher burdened by personal expenses for classroom supplies. Their shared passion and Brittany's challenges inspired the creation of a unique wine brand, blending the love of wine with a commitment to supporting educators. Kind Vine symbolizes a journey of friendship, passion, and purpose, striving to make a significant impact in the world of education.

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With every bottle you enjoy, you become a hero to educators. By choosing us, you bypass retail markups, ensuring $1 from your purchase aids teachers' supplies. Your responsible choice makes a direct, positive impact on teachers' lives.

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